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"The greatest challenge to any great leader is asking the tough questions in a way that will allow a remarkable solution."
—Barry Wishner

"Thanks for your insightful presentation. As you suggested, I found myself going back to our company, meeting with employees and asking them the question, "what is the dumbest thing we do here which impedes you from doing your job?" I've been amazed at the responses I've been receiving."
—President and CEO
VG Logistics
Barry Wishner giving his interactive keynote presentation

Interactive Keynote Presentation...

Tough Questions… Profitable Answers
Challenge Everything You Thought You Knew

As we move faster from one unpredictable state to another, we realize that no business strategy or formula lasts forever. Problems are so complex today that leaders have to collect expertise and opinions from their direct reports and people on the front line before they can make sound decisions. No leader can do it all on his own, they are not expected to, but they're expected to ask compelling questions and act on the answers.

Barry's legendary interviews of over 350 Fortune 500 CEOs and Presidents reveal...

  • The most important questions the world's smartest leaders ask to inspire and motivate their teams to capitalize on new opportunities before they become obvious.
  • Why asking the right questions about the future is more important than having the right answer about the past.
  • Why innovation and profitability often begin with asking one simple question at a time.
  • Why leadership is not about having all the right answers; it's about asking the right questions.
  • Why a questioning attitude is everybody's responsibility to stay relevant in a world of flux.

Barry's fast paced, high content program mobilizes your executive team to get off autopilot, avoid DITWLY (Did It That Way Last Year), and Psychosclerosis "Hardening of the Imagination," and focused on questioning all assumptions. Your leaders will leave with the courage to discuss the undiscussable and challenged to ask innovative questions that enable them to see things before others do.


"Your presentation was not only insightful and entertaining, the time you spent in gathering and integrating information about the organizations and attendees significantly added to its appeal and made it truly a unique experience. I speak for both Eclipsys and our attendees in saying that we would not hesitate to recommend you highly."
—President and CEO Eclipsys

Real World Examples On...

  • Why all questions are good! They engage and encourage people to speak up and listen harder.
  • How to build a powerful arsenal of unconventional questions to help great people get even better.
  • How to ask the hard questions that remove the roadblocks to executing big ideas and innovative solutions.
  • How successful business leaders use thought provoking questions to push the boundaries and move their teams from the "Talking Zone" to the "Doing Zone."
  • Why a "Questioning Attitude" is everybody's responsibility to stay relevant in a world of flux.
  • Why profitability often begins with asking one simple question at a time.
  • What Socrates would blog if he were a 21st Century Business Leader.
  • How to ask critical questions that drive innovative thinking.
  • Why future focused questions — What will your business look like in 2020? — provide profitable solutions for thriving in uncertain times.

Although leaders are paid to have the right answers
their greatest contribution may be to ask the right questions!



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Barry Wishner giving an interactive presentation
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Barry Wishner
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