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I am committed to working with you in partnership

to deliver a customized Leadership Keynote

with a Universal Message and Universal Appeal

that Energizes, Entertains and Educates

your audience every time!

Barry Wishner provides customized content for his leadership keynotes

"I knew your message would resonate with our executives, and you hit a home run. I received comments like: 'You were the best speaker we've had at any of our meetings' and 'You prompted new ideas that I could act upon when I get back to my business'. Thanks for making our meeting a BIG success!"
—CEO Amerita

I Pledge To Leave Your Audience:

  • With an action plan to out-wit, out-smart, out-run the competition.
  • With insights not hind-sights on how leaders use questions to engage and encourage people to talk openly throughout the organization.
  • Pumped up, excited and energized to make things happen.
  • Entertained and fired up to dump old thinking and imagine the possibilities.
  • With tools to build a powerful arsenal of unconventional questions to help great people get even better.
  • Proud of themselves and their affiliation with your company or organization.
  • With a Bold Belief and Conviction that amazing things happen when you ask the right questions, at the right time, to the right people.
  • With a rekindled sense of adventure and urgency to get stuff done fast.
  • With thought provoking questions that push the boundaries and inspire a culture where you question all you think you know.

I Pledge To Deliver A Customized Leadership Keynote To Your Audience:

  • Which is designed for your audience, reinforces your conference theme and focuses on the issues and challenges facing your audience.
  • By doing one-on-one interviews with a cross section of audience members prior to my program I will achieve greater customization and provide first hand material they can relate to.
  • To provide a high energy environment where everyone is having a great time and they can laugh while they learn.
  • A behind the scenes look at "how leaders screw up and then overcome it."

I Pledge To Present Relevant Content In My Customized Leadership Keynote:

  • Original, thought provoking information with real-world business examples.
  • A cross industry perspective and practical content which can be immediately applied to their business.
  • Success stories and lessons on how great leaders and their organizations implement strategies, plans and ideas to develop a culture of doers vs. talkers.
  • A behind the scenes look at "how leaders screw up and then overcome it."

I Pledge The Personalization Of Your Attendee Experience:

  • Thought Provoking Articles that create a buzz.
  • A customized Leadership Blueprint with valuable take home that they can readily use in their operations.
  • Debriefing with your CEO of my conversations with your attendees.
  • Bonus program for your board of directors, sponsors or vendors.

I Pledge To Be a Speaker In Partnership:

  • Easily accessible prior to and after the program to answer any questions.
  • Hassle free and easy to work with; I'll deliver on my promise.
  • Deliver a program that goes off without a hitch.

It's not enough to talk a good game.
You've got to make it happen.

If you're ready to ask the tough questions to achieve
remarkable results in your business and life, Let's Talk!

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Barry Wishner
568 Eleanor Drive
Woodside CA 94062
Toll Free: 877-WISHNER
Phone: 650-364-2940
Fax: 650-367-0813

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